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Irregular Routes - Special Projects


Freight All Kinds
Machinery & Equipment
Metal & Alloy Products
General Commodities
Building Materials
Wood Products
Large LTL
(Not UPS - FEDEX Size Or Weight)
Size & Weight Minimum Billing Rates



freight Is

delivered directly from point of origin, eliminating warehouse, reload or transfer damage.

Modern Business
Transportation Group:
Federal Government / Department Of Defense Certified & Bonded Transportation Provider

Modern Business Service Systems, Inc.
CAGE Code: 5QU60        DUNS: 139349609
SCAC: MBNS    MC: 178276
P.O. Box 1350, Estacada, OR  97023

Modern Business Transportation
Dedicated Contract Motor Carrier
CAGE Code: 5CC36        DUNS: 942007162
SCAC: MBNP    MC: 224192    DOT: 214435
P.O. Box 2309, Estacada, OR  97023

We Know & Understand Trucking
30 Years Of Full Service Transportation
Just In Time Inventory - Warehouse On Wheels
Small Business Traffic & Data Management
Mom & Pop Personal Professional Service
Third Party Billing - Blind Deliveries


Gold Book

Freight Transportation Provider


Flatbeds, Step Decks &
 Roll Top Curtain Vans
(AKA: Conestoga Flatbed)
Flatbed Versatility Loading / Unloading
  Overhead Crane & Top Loading
  Side Load / Unload
  Dock High Load / Unload
Weather Protection Of An Enclosed Van 
  No Tarping / Un-tarping
  No Tarp Damage
  No Wind Damagehttp://www.youtube.com/user/ModernBizshapeimage_5_link_0